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Enfield Water Quality

The water that Connecticut Water provides to all of its customers in Enfield meets all state and federal requirements for drinking water and is safe to drink.     

Some customers may have received a mailer that caused them to question the quality of water delivered by Connecticut Water in the Town of Enfield.
We want to reassure all of our customers in Enfield that the water we provide in Enfield and surrounding communities meets all state and federal drinking water standards and is safe to drink.  

The company did have a water quality issue in the Crescent Lake water system that serves 170 homes in that neighborhood in the northeast corner of Enfield.  The Company promptly addressed the issue in that system, which historically was served with water from an interconnection with a water system in Massachusetts. 

As is our standard practice, Connecticut Water directly contacted any affected customers, which was limited to the 170 homes in the Crescent Lake system. The remaining 8,300 customers in town served by Connecticut Water were NOT affected and their water has and continues to meet all water quality standards.

We have recently extended our system from Enfield to serve the Crescent Lake neighborhood so all of our customers in town are now receiving water from the same system which is in full compliance with all drinking water quality standards, and is safe to drink.
The water quality report for our Northern-Western water system that serves all of Enfield is available here.
We know that delivering quality water and service is essential and we are proud of our long standing record of water quality and compliance in all 56 communities that we serve in Connecticut.   Customers who would like to speak with a customer service representative should call 1.800.286.5700.