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Enfield Water Quality

The water that Connecticut Water provides to all of its customers in Enfield meets all state and federal requirements for drinking water and is safe to drink.   As indicated in the water quality report for the Northern-Western water system, the supply for that system is in full compliance.  

The only customers in Enfield that are not served by that system are the 170 homes in Crescent Lake water system.  In 2013, Connecticut Water was monitoring levels of a disinfection byproduct, Total Trihalomethanes, in its Crescent Lake water system and found that they were near or above the drinking water standards.  This only impacted customers in that system and the affected customers were notified directly of the situation as required.   At that time, water for the Crescent Lake water system was supplied by the Town of East Longmeadow. Connecticut Water worked with the state health department and a water quality consultant to evaluate and promptly implement the best long-term solution to address the issue.

The Company has installed three-quarter of a mile of water main extension to connect the Crescent Lake water system with our Northern-Western water system that serves our other customers in Enfield and surrounding communities. The construction of the $650,000 water main was expedited and was in service before the end of July. Customers in that system were updated about the project and advised when their system was connected and water delivered from our Northern-Western system, which continues to be in full compliance with all state and federal water quality standards.  

Customers at Crescent Lake now get the same water as our other Enfield customers and it is in full compliance with all drinking water quality standards.

Customers who like to speak with a customer service representative should call 1.800.286.5700.