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Corporate Responsibility

Connecticut Water has a Corporate Responsibility Committee comprised of a cross-functional team of employees who review the company’s commitment, success and leadership in:

  • fostering socially responsible programs and policies;       
  • enhancing environmental stewardship, sustainability, and asset management;       
  • consolidating the company’s efforts to conduct our business affairs as a responsible corporate citizen

It does this by engaging all Connecticut Water employees in the process by taking their ideas and suggestions and seeing them through to implementation.    

The Committee explores the best means of accomplishing initiatives that are suggested by employees. These include:  

  • Improving Fuel Efficiency of Fleet/Company Vehicles     
  • Conducting Energy Audits at facilities     
  • Considering Alternative Energy/Green Building Practices     
  • Exploring Work Commute Options
  • Facilitating Watershed Cleanup events and restoration plantings
  • Spearheading water conservation programs     
  • Customer Assistance Programs
  • Installing demonstration xeriscape gardens 
  • Coordinating educational outreach activities in schools


Corporate Responsibility Committee Charter