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Reducing our FootPrint

Enhancing Fleet Fuel Efficiency

Our goal is to maximize vehicle efficiency while ensuring employee safety and maintaining world-class customer service. When determining our fleet needs, we assess employee job responsibilities, vehicle size and fuel efficiency. Whenever possible, Connecticut Water migrates to more fuel-efficient vehicles. The downsizing of our fleet includes moving to subcompact cars for our meter readers, and four hybrid vehicles for employees who travel to all regions of the state.

Reducing Travel Among Locations

Connecticut Water has multiple offices and operations centers located around the state. Because of this geographic diversity, employees historically had to travel an hour or more to participate in meetings. Today however, we are using enhanced technology to provide an alternative to driving.

Since 2009, the company has utilized video conferencing to minimize travel time and expense between our locations. The use of video conferencing has increased the productivity of our people and is a cost effective and energy efficient way to allow employee teams to communicate and share presentations.

Our recent investment in the G4 Mobile Workforce Management Platform is also making it possible for us to reduce the miles traveled by our fleet of service vehicles. The mobile system optimizes travel routes for our field service employees to minimize the number of miles driven, conserve fuel, and reduce wear and tear on vehicles while still allowing our people to deliver world-class customer service.

Since 2008 we have been tracking travel avoided as a result of the video conferencing and mobile technology for our field service employees, which is translated into company-wide savings in labor hours, gallons of gasoline, and pounds of carbon dioxide.