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Environmental Stewardship

Connecticut Water has long shown a commitment to the environment through polices of land ownership, forest management and source protection.  The Company owns approximately 6,500 acres of land, most of which is maintained in its natural state for watershed and aquifer protection.  We conduct an aggressive, multifaceted source water protection program in towns in which our supplies and associated source water protection areas are located.

  • Environmental staff oversee forest management activities on our lands.  The goals are to improve the overall health of the forest to enhance water quality while at the same time improving the value for the forest for wood products; promote wildlife diversity and maintain property boundaries.  In 2015 CWC partnered with the CT Agricultural Experiment Station to implement a “Stormwise” roadside management demonstration project in the Town of Prospect.  The project implemented forest management practices to reduce the potential of tree-caused damage to power lines during severe storms while maintaining an aesthetic roadside forest landscape.
  • Environmental staff also evaluate land use proposals that may impact our sources of supply.  This includes review of development proposals and submittal of comments to local land use commissions.   This process is intended to avoid potential problems by providing constructive input during the various stages of a proposal. 
  • The Company also has an Emergency Spill Response Program to respond to chemical spills within our source water protection areas.  Emergency spill control equipment is located a key facilities and employees are trained in appropriate and safe response procedures.
  • Watershed clean-ups have become an annual tradition for our company, where employees, family members, and friends work together to pick up trash in our watersheds. Over the past three years, our clean-up crews have gathered an average of 1,800 lbs of trash per event.
  • The Company is also committed to protecting land as open space.  The Company has worked with local communities to permanently protect as open space more than 1,000 acres of land that is no longer needed for water supply purposes.

Read about a Wildlife Management Plan that was completed in Prospect.

Ways we all can help the environment: