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Boat Storage Registration Step 2

Thank you for completing Step 1 of the Shenipsit Lake Boat Storage Registration Process. Your place in line has been documented. Step 2 of the registration process is to complete the following form regarding information about your boat. You have until noon on March 29th to complete Step 2 of the registration process. Your boat slot registration application will not be considered complete unless both forms in Step 1 and 2 are complete and submitted. If you choose to complete Step 2 at a later date, this online form can be accessed at the Boat Information page of the Shenipsit Lake Reservoir Recreation Program.


Boat Information

Does your vessel have an electric motor?

Only electric motors are allowed on Shenipsit Lake. Connecticut law requires that all boats with motors, regardless of size, be registered with the CT Department of Motor Vehicles and numbered before launching.

Do you have a CT Safe Boating Certificate?

A CT Safe Boating Certificate is not required for a person operating a boat with an electric motor rated at 106 lbs. of thrust or less. A Certificate is also not required for boats without motors.