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Heritage Village Water - Pomperaug River Low‐Flow Operations Plan


The Pomperaug River Low‐Flow Operations Plan was developed through a collaborative effort of the Heritage Village Water Company, the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition and the Town of Southbury and  to reduce water use during low flow periods.  The plan calls for increasing levels of voluntary water conservation based on Pomperaug River flows.

The Plan uses three river flow threshold levels based on flow in the river and issues three corresponding action levels as follows:

Low Flow Mitigation Threshold Pomperaug River Discharge Action Level
I Less than 32.7 cfs Increased Awareness
II Less than 15.0 cfs Water Conservation Desired
III Less than 7.0 cfs Water Conservation Strongly Requested

While the wise use of water should be practiced throughout the year, during times of low flow in the river your participation in the water conservation measures described within each Action Level will make an important difference.