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Water Drop Watchers Education and Awareness Program

In an effort to help promote water conservation, Connecticut Water offers the Water Drop Watchers Education and Awareness Program. The curriculum for the program was developed in collaboration with the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC). The program is designed for third grade classes and teaches:

  • Where Water is Found
  • The Water Cycle
  • How Much Freshwater is Available on Earth
  • How Much Water We Use for Common Daily Activities
  • Ways to Conserve Water

Since the program's launch in 2017, thousands of Connecticut students in hundreds of classrooms have learned about the importance of clean water and conservation in lessons that meet state curriculum standards.

Connecticut Water employees volunteer for in-person classroom experiences that go through the following.


NEW for 2021 -- a hybrid curriculum has been developed to include videos, virtual lessons and online resources for teachers during this time when it is not possible for employees to visit classrooms in-person.

View the Lesson Plan and Supporting Resources Here.


To arrange to have Connecticut Water employees teach the program in a local classroom please contact us at