About the Project:

Connecticut Water will be replacing approximately 10,500 feet, or 2 miles, of old water main along all or portions of the following streets:

  • Colony Road
  • Dover Road (water main installation completed)
  • Eleanor Road (water main installation completed)
  • Freemont Road
  • Foxcroft Road (water main installation completed)
  • Leonard Road (most of water main installation completed)
  • Montano Road 

The impact on traffic is expected to be minimal. Our work will be in the roadway and delays are possible. We are motorists to drive safely and slowly through constructions zones for the health and well being of our employees and contractors.

Customers living on these streets will receive information in the mail from Connecticut Water about the project schedule and advance notification of any planned water service interruptions.

This project is being done through Connecticut Water’s Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustment (WICA). Systematically replacing aging pipes is part of our continuing effort to provide a reliable supply of high quality drinking water and world-class service to customers. This project will help us to conserve water, a precious natural resource, by replacing old pipe that is more likely to leak underground than newer ductile iron pipe.


Project is 100% complete
Enfield project is 60% Complete



Traffic Update:

 A traffic control officer is on site during construction hours on Enfield Street between Carl and the Massachuseets line to ensure that access is maintained for the businesses along this stretch of Route 5.


Project News: