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Bill Inserts and Fact Sheets


Spring 2021 Straight from the Tap

  • Seasonal Hydrant Flushing
  • Watering Your Lawn
  • Call Before You Dig
  • Corporate Sustainability Report
  • Delivering High Quality Water
  • Firefighter Support Grant Recipients

Winter 2021 Straight from the Tap

  • Helping Out in Our Communities
  • Customer Assistance
  • Be Sure Before You Open the Door
  • Clear Snow to Allow Access to Hydrants and Meters
  • Protect Your Pipes and Water Meter

Fall 2020 Straight from the Tap

  • Investing in Reliability
  • Construction During COVID-19
  • School Water Bottle Filling Station Grants
  • Conservation
  • Economies of Scale

Summer 2020 Straight from the Tap

  • We are Here to Serve You
  • Customer Assistance
  • Online Learning Activities for Kids
  • Annual Water Quality Report
  • Monitoring Water Quality
  • Summer Conservation Tips

Conservation News and Tips

  • New bill information to Help You Know About Your Water Usage
  • Annual Water Quality Report available
  • Enroll in Ebilling - A True Win-Win
  • Outdoor Water $aving Tips

Fact Sheets