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Customer Rates and Billing

Rates for water service for Connecticut Water customers are approved by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA). 

In addition to your Basic Service charge and Water Usage for your account, your bill may include surcharge or credit line items. These charges have been authorized under state law to allow for recovery of certain approved costs between rate cases. The charges must be approved by PURA before being added to the bill. They are applied as a percentage of the amount billed for the Basic Service charge, Water Usage, and miscellaneous service charges approved by PURA.

A reliable supply of high quality water is essential to our quality of life. It provides for public health, hygiene, proper sanitation, protection of lives and property through fire protection, and allows for economic development that leads to job creation and tax revenues. At a cost of less than a penny per gallon, Connecticut Water delivers all of the benefits of high quality water to its customers 24 hours per day. If one were to put a value of having clean, safe water – it would certainly be higher than a penny per gallon!

Your cost for water service will depend on how much water you actually use and which water system provides your water. As Connecticut water has acquired smaller water systems, each system had its own set of rates some higher and some lower than Connecticut Water. For a rate schedule that applies to your system please see our Rate Schedules or call a customer service representative at 1-800-286-5700.