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Tolland Water Customers

Tolland Water Commission (TWC) customers on Merrow Road (Route 195), Fieldstone Commons, Rhodes Road, and Goose Lane. Care now receiving their water from Connecticut Water's Northern-Western water system, which serves Connecticut Water's own customers in Tolland and several other communities in North-Central Connecticut. Having the systems interconnected provides operational flexibility and system redundancy that benefit the customers of both TWC and CWC in the area.

The affected TWC customers were notified of this switch in their water source in a letter from the TWC dated May 1st. These customers will continue to be customers of the TWC and their water rates will not change.

The water provided by Connecticut Water's Northern-Western water system is chlorinated and fluoridated, which will be a change compared to the water supplied by the TWC. Northern-Western water system Annual Water Quality Report

Why is chlorine added to water supplies?

Chlorine is a naturally existing element that is used to disinfect drinking water supplies to prevent waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery. Chlorine has residual properties that allow it to continue disinfecting as water travels from the treatment facility to your home. Chlorine has been added to disinfect drinking water in America since about 1900.

How can I remove the taste and smell of chlorine from my water?

We add as little chlorine as possible to our water while still maintaining an adequate level for disinfection. However, we understand that some customers object to the taste and smell of chlorine even in small amounts. Fortunately, the taste and smell of chlorine can easily be removed by refrigerating tap water in a sealed container, preferably glass. Some plastic bottles can add their own taste to the water. Having a bottle of ice water in the fridge also helps conserve water because you don’t have to let the tap run for the water to get cold.


The provided by Connecticut Water's Northern-Western water system is fluoridated. The State of Connecticut Public Health code requires that any water system that serves a population of more than 20,000 to add fluoride to the water. The primary benefit of drinking water fluoridation is reduced risk of tooth decay in children. Connecticut Water believes the decision to fluoridate public drinking water is a public health issue best decided by state regulators and health officials. Therefore, we only fluoridate as required by the state based on the population served by a water system.

If you have questions, please call Connecticut Water customer service at 1-800-286-5700.