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Linebacker® Referral Program

Connecticut Water is introducing a referral program based on feedback and suggestions from our customers. Customers who were enrolled in Linebacker wanted a way to be rewarded if they shared with others their satisfaction with the program and successfully encourage others to enroll in a Linebacker plan. All of our Linebacker customers benefit when more customers enroll in Linebacker as it helps us spread the program costs and ensure quality service.


How it works

When a customer not enrolled in any Linebacker Plan signs up and indicates they were referred by an existing Linebacker customer, the existing Linebacker customer will receive a one-time $20 credit to their account for each customer that indicates they provided the referral.


Who is eligible to participate to receive a $20 credit?

You must be an existing Linebacker customer to participate and get the referral credit.


How can I receive a $20 credit?

Simple!  Just tell a friend or neighbor how great the Linebacker Program is and have them sign up.  They will need to provide the following:


  • Your full name as it is listed on your water account that is enrolled in Linebacker.
  • The address of the above referenced account.


How does someone enroll with a reference?

Easy!  They can call customer service at 1-888-205-1073 and enroll right over the phone, or they can log on our Web site at


When will I receive the credit and how will I be notified?

You will receive credit when the person naming you as a referral enrolls in one of our Linebacker Plans and the enrollment is processed.  You will be notified via letter or phone call within 10 – 15 business days and the referral credit will be reflected on your next quarterly water bill.


Is there a limit to the number of customers I can refer?

No!  Refer as many friends, family, coworkers and neighbors  as you like (providing they are Connecticut Water customers) and you will be eligible for the $20 credit each time.   Refer enough people and you could get your Linebacker coverage for free!


Are there any limits as to who I can refer?

Yes.  Currently, we do not offer any of our expanded Linebacker Plans such as Linebacker Plus or Complete to commercial, condominium or multifamily locations as only single family individual residential homes are eligible for these plans.  Our classic Linebacker Water Plan is available to commercial and multifamily locations.


If a customer enrolls in Linebacker, can they participate in the Referral Program?

Yes!  However they must wait 30 days after their enrollment is processed.  Program protection initiates 30 days after enrollment is processed per the Terms & Conditions of the Program.


Are there any other limitations to the Referral Program?

Yes.  Customers who enroll and reference a Linebacker customer must remain enrolled for a minimum of 1 (one) year.  All customers who enroll are subject to the Terms & Conditions of Linebacker.


You cannot use yourself as a reference to enroll your own properties if you have multiple Connecticut Water accounts.