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Source Water Protection

An important part of delivering safe, clean water to you is protecting it at the source. This can mean acquiring watershed land as permanent open space, regularly inspecting privately owned land in our watersheds for potential contaminates, and doing our part to keep watershed land clean.

Some examples of our commitment to source water protection include:

  • Forest Management Plans for the majority of our 6,500 acres in Connecticut to enhance and maintain watersheds so that they produce high quality source water. Most of the 6,500 acres are maintained in their natural state as open space.
  • Dedicated environmental staff members who evaluate land use proposals that may impact our sources of supply. This includes review of development proposals and submittal of comments to local land use commissions. This process is intended to avoid potential problems by providing constructive input during the various stages of a proposal
  • Development of an Emergency Spill Response Program to respond to chemical spills within our source water protection areas. Emergency spill control equipment is located at key facilities and employees are trained in appropriate safe response procedures
  • Annual watershed clean-ups conducted by our employees, family members and friends who work together to pick up trash in our watersheds. (An average of 1,800 pounds of trash per clean up!)