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Watershed Inspections

Information About Public Water Supply Watershed Inspections

Connecticut Water provides drinking water to about 94,000 customers or over 280,000 people in 59 communities in the state. Our water comes from a combination of wells and reservoirs and we take a number of steps to protect those water sources and treat and monitor the water delivered to our customers. 

There are approximately 4000+ watershed properties throughout the state that Connecticut Water is required by state health department regulations to inspect.

  • Section 19-13-B102(b) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies requires water utilities to perform an annual inspection of their watershed areas and to submit an annual report to the Department of Public Health (DPH).
  • Section 25-51 of the Connecticut General Statutes authorizes water utility inspectors to enter and inspect premises located within public drinking water supply reservoir watershed areas.

The inspection involves a visual evaluation of properties by our watershed inspectors for any conditions that could potentially impact the water quality of the water supply. 

For more, visit our Watershed Inspection FAQ or download Clean Water and Your Health which explains the relationship between source protection and the health of your water and offers tips on how to improve your impact on water quality.