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Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Many customers have swimming pools, hot tubs and spas, and use water from the tap to fill them or top them off. Connecticut Water focuses on treating and delivering safe drinking water to the tap. Our responsibility is to treat and monitor the quality of the water to ensure that it meets drinking water quality standards set by the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We are not experts in resolving pool water issues. However, we are providing some basic information that maybe helpful. Your local pool store, which specializes in pool water, would be your best source of information.

About the Tap Water provided by Connecticut Water:

  • The water provided to your home meets all the state and federal standards for safe, potable for human consumption.
  • The CT Department of Public Health places requirements on public water systems that may include addition of such additives as chlorine, fluoride and corrosion control compounds such as phosphates*. Connecticut Water complies with all of these health-based requirements to ensure that the water is safe for human consumption.
  • The water delivered to your home is enclosed in piping, pressurized and continuously monitored to effectively maintain and ensure the requirements for human consumption, safety and potability. The results of our water quality testing are available here.


About Pool Water:

The water in your pool, spa or hot tub is NOT considered potable or safe for human consumption because it is open to the environment and exposed to numerous and continuous environmental factors that can contaminate it such as:

  • evaporation
  • vegetative debris and leaves
  • rainfall
  • animal contact
  • algae
  • insects
  • human contact
  • pollen
  • personal care products

These factors are likely the major contributors to increased phosphate levels or other water quality issues in your pool, spa or hot tub.

We know it is can be frustrating when pool water issues are not quickly resolved. Our best advice to resolve pool, spa or hut tub water issues is to bring a sample of the pool, spa or hot tub water directly to a pool supply store that does the testing on site.  They may suggest different chemicals, a new or different filter, a longer filter running time, or to drain your pool, spa or hot tub, and fill with new water.

*Phosphates are a required additive used to ensure adequate corrosion control of lead and copper and as they are deemed necessary to maintain health and human safety, are not required to be reported in the online water quality reports.  The typical range for these compounds is between 0.1 to 3.0 mg/L.