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Avon - Anvil Tank

The Connecticut Water Company continues to invest in drinking water infrastructure to better serve the
customers and communities that we are privileged to serve. We have a project planned in your
neighborhood that will start the summer of 2022.

Project Letter

Project Q and A Fact Sheet

The project involves replacing our aging ‘Anvil’ tank on Anvil Drive. The current tank is 54 years old
and has a capacity of 1,350,000 gallons. The new tank that will replace it will have the same capacity. A
new booster station will be constructed to improve water pressure to customers in the area and enhance
water quality.

Connecticut Water held a virtual public outreach meeting to provide an overview of the project,
including timing and a discussion of the benefit to customers. The meeting was held on Tuesday,
December 7, 2021 at 6:00 PM.