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Stafford Tank

Stafford Tank Project

The Connecticut Water Company continues to invest in drinking water infrastructure to better serve the customers and communities that we are privileged to serve.

A 250,000 gallon spheroid water storage tank (often referred to as a golf ball tank because of its unique shape) is being constructed in support of the interconnection between Somers and Stafford. Connecticut Water currently provides water service to both Somers and Stafford.

The 120’ tank is located on an easement provided by Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford. The completed water main and storage tank will provide Johnson Memorial Hospital the ability to obtain water from Connecticut Water rather than its private well.

The project will also allow Connecticut Water to provide water service to Magauran Drive residents and select residents along Main Street, Somers and Chestnut Hill Road in Somers and Stafford.

The tank is currently being painted and will be filled and tested this summer.