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System Improvements

There is no substitute for a reliable supply of clean drinking water. Whether Connecticut Water is investing in the replacement of pipes that have reached the end of their useful life through our WICA program or enhancing service delivery through investment in new infrastructure for water treatment or storage, investing in our systems is the right thing to do for current customers and future generations.

Our families’ health and safety are directly linked to the availability of a safe, reliable supply of water. Whether it is needed for drinking, cooking, hygiene, sanitation, or fighting fires, our system delivers water that is essential to our standard of living and safeguards our lives and property.

Our communities also thrive on a dependable public water system. Our infrastructure enables economic development, commerce, and job creation in the communities that we serve, which creates opportunities and grows the local tax base.

Learn more about the infrastructure investments made through the WICA Program and our other system improvements that enhance service delivery and water quality.