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Enhancing Service

In addition to the WICA projects to replace pipe that is at the end of its useful life, Connecticut Water routinely invests in other projects that improve water quality and system reliability.

This investment helps to build sustainable water systems that will serve future generations in a way that preserves and protects the environment.

Here are some of our larger projects that have been completed over the past few years:


Rockville Drinking Water Treatment Facility

Connecticut Water is proud of the Rockville Drinking Water Treatment Facility completed in May 2017. The facility was constructed with an investment of more than $30 million and is part of a public drinking water system that serves 85,000 people in 11 north central Connecticut communities.

The facility can produce up to 9 million gallons of water a day for the area’s drinking supply and will serve current and future customers for decades.


The Westchester East Facility

To better serve Westchester East Division customers in East Hampton, Connecticut Water invested in a new treatment facility that was put into service in June 2019.

It replaced a treatment facility that was constructed before Connecticut Water owned the system that was in need of extensive investment. After evaluating the cost to bring the old facility up to current standards for water treatment facilities, we decided to invest in a new facility. The new facility provides high quality drinking water and reliable service to the customers it serves.


Madison Water Storage Tank

A 1.3 million gallon water storage tank was constructed on Ridge Road in Madison and began serving customers in December 2018.  

The tank replaced the Clapboard Hill Water Tank in Guilford that was 112 years old with less than half the storage capabilities offered by the new tank.

The Madison tank, with its larger storage capacity, was needed to meet future water demands and to extend public fire protection.  It also enhanced public fire protection at the Madison middle and high schools.