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WICA Improvements

Since the WICA program began in 2007, Connecticut Water has invested more than $155 million and replaced more than 131 miles of water main that was, on average, 76 years old. Replacing aging or under-sized water mains before they become a problem means that we can complete the work under more controlled situations, allowing us to better plan for service needs, rather than reacting in an emergency when service is disrupted.

Investing in infrastructure replacement now is the right thing to do. The replacement of hydrants, valves, leak detection equipment, meters and aging water pipes in the water distribution system allows for greater system reliability and service to our customers. It also enables us to be good stewards of our precious water resources.

Investing in infrastructure is part of Connecticut Water’s commitment to sustainability. It allows us to meet the needs of our current customers while protecting systems and resources for future generations. Infrastructure replacement helps save precious water resources by minimizing breaks and leaks in the distribution system. It helps keep our drinking water safe, provide reliable water service, maintain our high standard for customer service, provide employment opportunities and support economic development.

The Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustment (WICA) charge, as approved by the PURA, allows for the timely recovery in rates of the cost to replace aging water distribution pipes. The charge helps accelerate the replacement of aging water distribution system pipes, hydrants, and valves. It also includes leak detection equipment and meters that further water conservation goals.