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School Water Bottle Filling Station Grant Program

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Connecticut Water provides safe, reliable drinking water to schools within our service area and ensures students, faculty and staff have access to safe drinking water to provide the hydration needed for learning and activities throughout the day. We encourage the use of tap water to reduce plastic waste in our landfills and eliminate environmental costs of bottling/transporting packaged water.

Connecticut Water's School Water Bottle Filling Station Grant Program assists and encourages schools that are served by Connecticut Water to adopt a more sustainable approach and provide students and staff access to safe, reliable and convenient tap water to refill personal, refillable bottles.

Funding is awarded for up to 10 water bottle filling stations in our service communities, or a total of $15,000 each calendar year. Only one water bottle filling station may be awarded per eligible school. Funding is provided by Connecticut Water's Charitable Giving program and is not recovered in customer rates.

2024 Grant Applications are now open! Please click here to view eligibility requirements and complete and application if eligible:

Download the application