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Mission & Responsibility

Dedicated to serving customers, communities, employees and the environment.

As members of the very communities we serve, we are passionate about delivering more than just quality water, but also quality service, environmental protection, and meaningful support for our communities and customers.

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Our Mission

Trusted, passionate and socially responsible professionals delivering life-sustaining, high-quality water and exceptional service while protecting the environment, enhancing our communities and providing a fair return to shareholders.

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CWC serves more than 105,000 customers, which is about 350,000 people, in 60 towns in Connecticut.

At Connecticut Water, we have more than 200 dedicated, highly trained employees who work each and every day to deliver to you reliable water service.

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Corporate Sustainability Report

At Connecticut Water we care deeply about the environment and communities we serve and part of our mission in our daily work is to be a force for good in our communities. Some of our actions we take include supplier diversity, environment stewardship, reducing carbon emissions, diversity, equity and inclusion, and so much more.

The SJW Group corporate sustainability report highlights the successes and goals of Connecticut Water and SJW Group's other water and wastewater utility operations across California, Maine, and Texas in conducting our operations in a manner that respects the natural environment and values service to customers, communities, employees, and shareholders.

Read the full report


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Connecticut Water is a subsidiary of SJW Group

SJW Group is among the largest investor-owned pure-play water and wastewater utilities in the United States, providing life-sustaining and high-quality water service to about 1.5 million people. SJW Group’s locally led and operated water utilities - San Jose Water Company in California, The Connecticut Water Company in Connecticut, The Maine Water Company in Maine, and The Texas Water Company in Texas - possess the financial strength, operational expertise, and technological innovation to safeguard the environment, deliver outstanding service to customers, and provide opportunities to employees. SJW Group remains focused on investing in its operations, remaining actively engaged in its local communities, and delivering continued sustainable value to its shareholders. For more information about SJW Group, please visit

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