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Customer Councils

Connecticut Water's Customer Advisory Council, Water System Advisory Committee and Heritage Village Water System Advisory Council were established to enhance communications with our customers and the communities we serve.

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Customer Advisory Council

The Customer Advisory Council meets on a regular schedule to hear updates from company representatives about projects, policies and procedures that may impact water quality or service, and for us to receive feedback from the council members.

The goal is to improve communication, learn about the needs and priorities of customers and better coordinate in the towns we serve.

Customer Advisory Council members must be Connecticut Water customers and need to be appointed by the town they represent. Employees of Connecticut Water are not eligible to be town Customer Advisory Council members.

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Water System Advisory Committee

The Water System Advisory Committee (WSAC) includes representatives of the Town of Mansfield, UConn, nearby communities and other stakeholders to provide local input on water supply operations, conservation programs, and requests for expansion of water service. It provides an open and transparent process for the community and Connecticut Water to discuss the water supply for the area.

The WSAC was created under an agreement between Mansfield and Connecticut Water in 2014 that provides for Connecticut Water to become the water supplier to the off-campus customers currently served by the University of Connecticut in Mansfield and future public water customers in the community. The Company also has an agreement with the University of Connecticut to construct the regional pipeline to the area and provide supplemental supplies to the University over the long term.

The Committee will review and advise on any requests for water service in Mansfield that require a change in zoning, approval by a local land use commission, or involve a water system extension. The Committee will also make recommendations about best management practices, including water conservation programs, and Connecticut Water will work with the WSAC to implement such programs.

The next regular meeting of the WSAC will be held on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at 7 p.m.

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Minutes of past meetings

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Heritage Village Water System Advisory Council

The Heritage Village Water System Advisory Council is made up of town leaders from Southbury, Oxford and Middlebury along with public health officials and representatives from the Heritage Village Master Association.

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