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60% of Customers Don’t Know What They Pay for Water, and Half Overestimate the Cost

Nearly 85% believe water service is a very good or good value when they learn the actual cost.

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CLINTON, Conn. — Aug. 3, 2023 In a recent survey of more than 2,000 Connecticut Water customers, 60% said they did not know how much they pay for a gallon of water. Of the 40% who said they knew what they paid, more than half overestimated the cost. When customers learned the actual cost was about one penny per gallon, 84% thought it was a very good or good value.

“We strongly agree,” stated Connecticut Water President Craig J. Patla. “We find that people don’t truly appreciate what a value of tap water is. For about one cent, our customers get a gallon of high-quality water from protected water sources that has been treated and tested, and has flowed through millions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure to be delivered right to their tap.”

The survey also found that 91% of customers were satisfied with the service and water they received from Connecticut Water and that 86% said the company met their expectations all or most of the time. “That is a real testament to our passionate and skilled workforce,” stated Patla. “They know that what they do supports public health, enables economic development, and helps firefighters protect lives and property through hydrants on our water systems, all while being good stewards of the environment.”

Over 95% of customers surveyed reported that it is important to them that Connecticut Water is an environmentally responsible utility. In 2021, the company announced its goal of reducing Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, in line with the science-based targets of the Paris Agreement, and it currently has a comprehensive plan for the installation of solar arrays, which will provide clean energy and protect customers from swings in electric costs that occur when purchasing from the grid.

The survey results also showed strong support for infrastructure investment to maintain drinking water quality and reliable service. Overall, 97% thought it was important to invest in water system infrastructure, with 86% saying they strongly agreed.

The survey was conducted by Great Blue Research, an independent research firm based in Glastonbury, Connecticut, on behalf of Connecticut Water. Customers were surveyed in late May and early June.

Connecticut Water has been conducting independent customer satisfaction surveys for nearly 30 years. The company uses the detailed report and recommendations to continuously enhance the customer experience. Customer comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome at any time by calling the company at 1.800.286.5700 or by email at

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