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2024 Shenipsit Lake Reservoir Fishing Program - Information for Boaters

Registration is now closed.

Results of the lottery will be shared via email on Friday, March 22nd.

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The 2024 Shenipsit Lake Reservoir Recreation Program will open at sunrise on Saturday, April 13th. 

Any boats allowed on Shenipsit Lake must register with Connecticut Water to receive a 2024 boat sticker. (Note that the registration process for the general public is different than the registration process for Shenipsit Lake shoreline property owners.)

Eligible Boats and Requirements:
•    Only boats powered by oars or electric motor are allowed.
•    Sculls, kayaks, paddle boats and sailboats are not eligible because they are more susceptible to tipping over.
•    As recommended by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, boats that have been used in other bodies of water should be dry docked/quarantined for at least five days prior to being placed in the reservoir to protect against zebra mussel and invasive plant contamination. 

2024 Registration Process for the General Public

This year, the registration process will differ from previous years as we transition from a first come, first serve model to a lottery.

The 50 boat slots will be designated in the following way:
•    Tolland residents = 10 slots
•    Ellington residents = 10 slots
•    Vernon residents = 10 slots
•    Other Connecticut residents = 12 slots
•    Connecticut Water Employees = 2 slots
•    Program Lake Monitors = 2 slots
•    Shenipsit Lake Association Members = 4 slots

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Lake Monitor, please visit: https://jobs.armazzotta.com/jb/Lake-Monitor-Jobs-in-Tolland-CT/10826202

To learn more about the Shenipsit Lake Association, please contact Carter Lonsberry at carterdesign@me.com.

Important dates:

Thursday, 3/14 @ noon – Online Registration Opens
Thursday, 3/21 @ noon – Online Registration Closes
Friday, 3/22 – Boat Slot Winners Announcement via email
Saturday, 4/6 to Friday, 4/12, 1:00 – 5:00: Boat Drop Off/Quarantine
Saturday 4/13 – Opening Day

Boat Use: Lottery winners will have access to their boat slot for the entire season regardless of how many times they use their boat. A waiting list will be maintained in the event that someone forfeits their boat slot.

More details about the 2024 fishing season will be provided to those who win the lottery.