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Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Why do we flush hydrants?

Routine water main flushing, by opening up the hydrants and allowing water for flow at a high rate of pressure, is an important part our ongoing efforts to maintain water quality and service in our systems.

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Hydrant / water main flushing scours the inside of the water mains, which can stir up harmless sediment that can cause discolored water. This is not a health concern, but we do recommend that customers avoid using the washing machine, dishwasher and other high-use devices until after flushing is completed and the water has cleared.

Following flushing, any discolored water in your home's pipes can be cleared by running the cold water tap at the bathtub for a couple of minutes.

Click the map to view our current flushing schedule. If the map shows a date in the past, that was the last time the area was flushed and future flushing has not yet been scheduled.

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flushing map and schedule

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